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Healthy Back Workshop
Heading Om Yoga Studio, Peoria, IL
March 11, 2011

"I loved having you teach, I feel taller, relaxed. I didn't even have back issues but am leaving having gained great mobility & strength" - Erica Judd

"I will use this info & incorporate into my classes.  A lovely workshop!" - Kandy

Healing Workshop
River Rock Yoga Studio, Ocean Springs, MS
August 3, 2008

"Loved it, very creative and fun." - Hope Lucky

"I was very open to the work of healing and there were moments of deep awareness." - Leif Anderson

Group Yoga Classes

"I learned to do poses I didn't think I could do. I gained strength and confidence in yoga." - Melany Lange

" I can release the stresses of my day through movement." - Latifah Shah

"I learned that yoga is something I want to practice forever.  You don't see hunched over 80 year olds!" - Denise Robinson

"I loved your article in January's (2007) Yoga and Health Magazine. Everything you said had a ring to it! I am trying to recapture feelings that have been absent for some time now! At the moment these type of thoughts seem to lie dormont in me. I know in myself and as yoga teaches me to be patient and in time I will be happy once again! Thanking you. - Mr. Glyn Hendry

" I've learned to breathe allot better through sports and even stressful situations." - Davon Jones

"I learned to slow down and relax; to enjoy my place on this earth and to be happier." - Corinne Vinersar

"For every new pose I figure out, there's always more!" - Brooke Stoney