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Please email if you are interested in a corporate practice, private session or workshop/retreat.

Online/Hybrid College Class on Meditation

WED162 Meditation and Wellness. Offered at four community college locations:

Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale, AZ (hybrid, meet 2x on campus)

Gateway Community College, Phoenix, AZ (online class)

Phoenix Community College, Phoenix, AZ (hybrid, meets 2x on campus)

Mesa Community College, Mesa, AZ (online class)

This is an eight week, one credit course. Visit http://www.maricopa.edu to find out more information and sign-up. Any questions, drop me an e-mail!

* Group practices: Currently teaching group classes at Phoenix College, Ahwatukee YMCA and Pecos Community Center.

* Corporate yoga: Offering yoga in a corporate environment provides many benefits: better work atmosphere, relieves stress, boosts mental focus, lowers health ins. costs, bolsters immune system and provides respect for co-workers. Brochure available with more information - please call or email to receive.

* Private practices: A wonderful option to deepen particular postures, expand breath, better understand alignment that is right for your body, brush up on overall practice awareness and self exploration. To really sink deep into your yoga practice, a one-on-one session is the richest experience. You can also open the spiritual connection with your true self. You can tailor to one session or a series of practices.

* Yoga Therapy sessions: Similar to private practices but with a focus on specific physical and/or emotional issues. Yoga has been documented as a successful Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (www.nccam.nih.gov, www.cam.org.nz) dealing with everything from depression to carpel tunnel to migraines.

* Retreats/Workshops: The knowledge of yoga, the sutras, meditation and inner awareness are universal yet individual. I offer workshops on specific aspects of yoga (hip opening, healthy back, healthy shoulders, meditation/relaxation techniques, inversions, stress management) which are usually 2-3hrs in length.